Prescription Drug Discount Plan

International Prescription Drug Plan through CRX International

CRX International is a discount prescription drug plan and is in addition to your Caremark and Kaiser prescription plans.

Program Enrollment

Enrollment forms and prescriptions can be submitted via fax or mail. As a safety measure,  CRX only accept prescriptions that are faxed directly from your doctor’s office. In order to have a continuous supply of medication on hand, CRX requests that you submit a prescription for a 3-month quantity, with three refills. If your prescription does not cover a full year, CRX can still accept it – but it must be written for a minimum 3-month supply.  Click Here for Enrollment Packet.

If you did not contact CRX prior to enrolling, they will call you once they receive your paperwork and welcome you to the program! They will confirm the following:

(a) your personal information;

(b) medication availability;

(c) shipping time;

(d) refill schedule; and,

(e) answer any questions you may have.

Enroll only once – and at any time! There is no need to enroll now, unless you are ready to order through the program.


Refills are not automatic, but they’re easy – CRX calls you! As an added safety measure before processing a refill, they need to confirm how much medication you have on hand and whether you’ve had any health or medication changes.  CRX will contact you one month prior to ensure you always have a sufficient supply of medication on-hand.

Pack Sizes

The CRZ program ONLY supplies Brand Name medications, dispensed in the manufacturer’s original sealed container. Pack sizes vary from country to country. For example, a standard container quantity might be 84. We factor this in when scheduling your refill call.

Generic Medications

Generic medications provide the greatest savings to your health care plan. Therefore, if you are currently taking a Generic medication, you are not eligible to order the Brand

Name medication through this program.


Your medication will be shipped directly from an international pharmacy to your home, via regular mail. Please allow 20 business days (1 month) for your package to arrive.

For more information call CRX toll free at 1-866-488-7874, Monday- Friday 5:30am- 3:30pm Pacific Time or Saturday 6am- 2:30pm Pacific Time.

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