Beat It! Employee Assistance Benefits

Benefit Description

Beat It! benefits include comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs in a pre approved facility or with a pre-approved therapist. Benefits are paid without any deductible for any Participant or beneficiary (including Kaiser members) as follows:  

  • First time use: 100% of inpatient or outpatient services approved by Beat It!  
  • After the first time use, the Self-Funded medical plan benefits will apply. 

Beat It! approved inpatient treatment environments are flexible and are determined by the individual needs of the patient. Treatment through Beat It! is available through contracting facilities and includes acute care Hospitals and residential treatment facilities. These facilities may differ from those available under the self-funded Plan.) All inpatient programs include 21 to 28 days of primary care and 6 months to 1 year of aftercare for patients and family members. 

Outpatient counselors are carefully selected according to their specific area of expertise and are matched appropriately with patients. Outpatient treatment plans include up to 40 hours of individual and family therapy. After 40 hours of outpatient treatment, outpatient benefits for alcohol and substance abuse are available through the Self-Funded plan as set forth below. 

If you or a family member is admitted to a Hospital on an emergency basis, you MUST contact Beat It! the first business day following admission. 

Note: in order for substance abuse benefits to be payable, you MUST contact Beat It! prior to treatment. The telephone number for Beat It! is (408) 232-9885 or (800) 828-3939

Outpatient Benefits

Those incurred while not confined as a resident patient in a Hospital or treatment center. Outpatient benefits for alcohol or drug abuse do not require pre-authorization and, after satisfaction of the Plan’s deductible, are paid at 90% of contract rate for PPO providers and at 70% of Usual and Customary Charges for Non-PPO providers. 

If you plan to enter an alcohol or drug abuse treatment program and you are NOT using the Beat It! Program, you MUST get pre-admission authorization through Blue Cross. If you or a family member is admitted to a Hospital on an emergency basis, you must contact United Administrative Services the first business day following admission. 

Lifetime Maximum

The Beat It! plan has no lifetime maximum. Kaiser members and Self Funded members do not have a lifetime maximum.