Benefit Description

The following dental benefits are available to participants:
Members of Local 40 and Local 95 have a dental plan through Delta Dental.

Local 40 – Journeymen Only
Local 95 – Journeymen and Apprentice Only

Benefit Summary

Eligibility for Contractual Employees

Subject to the rules set forth below, each contractual employee working in employment covered by a collective bargaining agreement with Local 40 (Journeymen only are eligible) or Local 95 (Journeymen and Apprentices are eligible) and reported on the appropriate transmittal report is eligible for dental benefits with the Local for which the employee is a member. 

  1. A.Initial Eligibility. Dental benefits will begin on the first day of the second calendar month following the month for which the individual has accrued 120 hours. Hours are only accrued for which contributions are required and actually paid under a collective bargaining agreement. 
  2. B.Reserve. A special “reserve” is maintained for contractual employees and shall be separately calculated for the dental program as determined under paragraph B(3) on page 2 of this document.
  3. C.Failure to Maintain Reserve. If a contractual employee’s dental reserve falls below 120 hours, self-payments are allowed as described under paragraph B(6) on page 3 of this document. If no payment is received, eligibility will automatically terminate at the end of that month.

Eligibility for Non-Contractual Employees. Non-contractual employees of participating employers in Local 40 and Local 95 may be eligible for the dental program. 

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